Thursday, 10 March 2011


We are a campaign set up to help children cope and manage with bullying.

We know bullying can happen in many different ways and can affect people

This website is put in place for children and teenagers, to learn the concept of
bullying and how it can be dealt with with. We host charity events which go
towards youth facilities and anti-bullying programs in schools. 

Our website is going to be aimed at all students male and female who are being
bullied and need help. It is also for people who want to find out about bullying
even if they aren't being bullied.

The colors will be quite simple, they will be White and blue.

We are going to have pictures on every page of the website. We are going to take
pictures our self and also the video.

The website will be called "friend in me". The website suggests that it will try
to appeal to teenagers who need ask for help. It will aim to get teenagers to
become more confidence and get help with their problem.

The website will have 8 pages, the homepage, an about us page,
Case studies page, a donate page, events, and we need of one more page.

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