Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Comparison Of Websites

In this essay I will be comparing my website on Bullying with a few other websites based on bullying in schools and other social places.
I will be looking at my homepage, seeing how the layout, text, font, and media (video and pictures) differ, and how they are relevant to their target audience. Also how the other wesbites display their information compared to how we decided to lay it out.
I will be choosing 1 page from each of the 3 websites, and comparing it to my website, this will tell me how good my website is compared to other professional websites.

When looking at this website we see it has a clear logo located in the top right hand corner and this remains consistent on every page. This website also includes the same layout on every page using mainly red and white colours in the background and writing is written in black and varies in font and size, as with our website our colour and logo is consistent on every page and we also used black font for the main text varying in size.
When looking at this and our websites’ homepage we see they are both fairly basic but are informative providing directions onto other pages, this website actually has one more page on the search bar allowing viewers to click on the option they are looking for easily.
Both websites use images to coincide with the subtitle, however this websites’ pictures are of more positive people in a more homely surrounding where as the content of our images were of more negative effects of bullying and this is key as it sets the mood for the viewer and we feel we will have to change some images, however our website includes one video in which this website does not, and with a video it can tell a story and is more interactive with the viewer.
Overall the content of the website is limited but is similar to ours, they both provide basic but essential information on the matter of bullying and also this website contains a link to another website of a similar aim and so the directory search bar helps a lot when navigating around this site.
When looking at this website immediately we see it is more colourful and is filled with a lot more on the home page, this website also has a clear logo as does ours, and this again remains consistent on every page. When looking at the layout of this website compared to ours, we see this website has a lot more information on it and so much of the homepage is directing the viewer to the variety of information it offers. Our website contains eight subtitles leading the viewer to the information we have to show, where as this website contains many more subtitles which also have branches off to other areas of information.
However this website has a lack of images or videos which in which we have included, and I feel without images or videos it provides a lack of engagement from the viewer to the website, however they have provided many other places where information can be found as they have an advice and support section clearly at the top of their homepage.
Another factor which differs for the two websites is the target audience, this website contains more information on each page partly because many of the case studies and information is aimed at a wider range of students and children where as ours is aimed mainly at 10-14 year olds.
When comparing this website to our website we can instantly see that this website contains a lot more information and direction to other important information, however the layout of this website comes across very plain as orange and white are the only colours used apart from the black writing, I feel orange is too light a colour whereas blue is more of a comforting colour and isn’t as bold (stands out less). Also this website contains a search bar and an a-z searching tool where you can type what you are looking for, whereas our website only contains the search bar.
I feel both websites give clear directions to the viewer; however this website contains a lot more information on a wider range of aspects that are linked with bullying. This websites’ target audience also appears to have a wider range as it has a “young people” section and a “crime and justice” section; however our website actually focuses more on ten – fourteen year olds from the start to the middle of secondary school in most cases.
Overall I feel our website is more user friendly but provides less detailed information in which this website can offer a lot of information across a wider range of subjects circling around bullying. For this reason I am going to be making the writing a lot more detailed on each page. Hopefully this will bring our website up to a standard that is competitive with the other anti-bullying websites.

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