Tuesday, 10 May 2011


When I first started making my website I was planning on having a homepage that had only the titles of our other pages. These were going to be scattered around this page. We made this page and stuck with it for quite a while. We then had a look at some other bulling websites like http://www.beatbullying.org/, http://www.childline.org/bullying, and http://www.bbclic.com/

After looking at these websites we decided that our design wasn’t very conventional compared to other websites, and so decided to change it to a more conventional looking one with the links to the other pages along the top of the page. Also because it allowed us to keep the style consistant throughout the website.

As all of the websites we looked at had a similar layout and colour scheme we decided to follow these styles. The colour scheme that most of them had included the colour blue so we went for blue and white as it made the blue stand out. We chose these colours also as they seemed kind on the eye, almost attracting you to the page which is what you want, not to put them off.

As the colour schemes were the similar to other bullying websites we felt that we wanted to make our website slightly different. To do this we decided to put less pictures on our website and more spaced out information. This was because on the other websites we looked at they all included lots of small animations and pictred and we found it slightly hard to read.
To ensure anyone who uses our website can find their way through it easily we decicded to use a convention look with all of the links in the same place in every page. And in the same order. The titles of the links were the same as what the title of the page it was linking to was. For example the link to the “About Us“ page was called “About Us“.

Doing this made the website very easy to navigate through. We also added a small “Friend in me“ Title at the bottom of each page in the same place each time. This linked back to the homepage each time. All of the links were the same colour and font style and size. The font on each page was the same appart from some quotes etc. We also made sure everything that was the same on each page was in exactly the same place on each page. Doing all of this made the website look a lot more professional.

Overall we were aiming our website at 10-16 year olds so we wanted to make the website eas to read for them but also keeping them interested at the same time. The photos were the main way we did this. We feel that our website is very competitive compared to the other websites and even better then some of the other ones.

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